Friday, April 28, 2006

Amitabh Bachchan vs Shahrukh Khan: Google Fight!!

Ever thought of pitting the superstars of two different eras against one another and see who is more valuable among them? It seems like child's play these days if one knows how to use Google for the purpose. But how many could have imagined that a person would come up with a creative way of finding out the real worth(yes, in dollars!!) of various celebrities from Google's point of view? Soam Acharya takes us on a fun ride in an article published on Desicritics evaluating the price tag attached by Google Adwords to different Indian celebrities if you want to use their names as the keywords for the ads you want to place with it. If you don't understand what I am talking about, you surely need a crash course in Google Adwords! Head straight to Soam Acharya's blog article for more details on that, but here is the interesting part:

Amitabh Bachchan-------------$1.36
Om Puri-------------------------------$0.36
Shahrukh Khan-------------------$0.34
Aamir Khan-------------------------$0.20

Shame on the Khans!! Now that's surprising, isn't it? With Shahrukh being termed as the heartthrob of the entire nation and Badshah of the box office, Google Adwords doesn't seem to share the same opinion. Still, $1.36/per click for Big B definitely looks like a steal, ain't it?

Google Search:

Amitabh Bachchan - 1,690,000
Shahrukh Khan - 2,430,000

Google Fight:

Other interesting statistics awaits in the category of the female actors:
Shabana Azmi-----------------------$0.69
Rani Mukherjee--------------------$0.43
Aishwarya Rai-----------------------$0.28
Kareena Kapoor--------------------$0.25
Phew!! Shabana Azmi more valuable than even all the male actors except Amitabh! Google Adwords seems to have a better taste when it comes to these actors than the Indian viewers it seems ;)

Do read the complete article here. Author's blog is here.
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