Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Performancing Firefox 1.2 Released

Performacing Version 1.2, a blogging extension for the Firefox web browser, was released a few days ago. Its pretty stable and has added a few useful features with this release:
  1. The interface looks good. Or my eyes were not working well until now.
  2. Upload images and files to an FTP site and then link to them from the blogs. Upload images from within Performancing and upload files from anywhere in the browser(its added to the "Performancing" sub-menu of the Firefox context menu.
  3. A button called "Metrics" allows easy access to the metrics of your blog(if you are using Performancing to track your blog).
  4. When you add a new blog to Performancing, it automatically detects the settings for the popular bloggers(, wordpress etc).

More details are here. An image uploaded using Performancing's new upload tool is here:

(This is my first post from Performancing 1.2. If you see "Powered by Performancing" somewhere here, then it is also a new addition to this release.)

Update1: thanks to buddy mastmallu for digging this post.
Update2: here is the procedure to add spell-checking ability to the performancing extension. i couldn't get it working though.

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