Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It feels good

Being a positive person that I am, positive developments that have taken place in the country last longer in the memory than the not-so-positive ones. Here I share a few of them.

We all know about the political party Paritrana formed in January 2006 by the IITians. They had announced that they will be contesting the 2006 Tamil Nadu assemblty elections and recently finalised 6 constituencies to contest these elections. They have requested one and all to spread the word about them. Not a lot of voters from Tamil Nadu should be reading this blog, but just getting absolved of the duty of 'spreading the word' is our job, isn't it? I have done my duty and you decide if you want to do yours or not ;)
You can interact with the members of the party at the following forum: Paritrana @ VOA
Story on Hindu. Story on Desicritics. Their Official Website.

Ever heard of an ISO 14001 certified village? Namakkal, a southern district in Tamil Nadu with a population of 53,000 became the first village from India to get such a certification. Thanks to Municipal Chairman S. Gandhiselvan, his associates and the general population in the village, they say:
[it] took three years to put in place a system that brought it international recognition. The certification is given to any organisation that uses technology and maintains internationally acceptable standards in services and develops an environmental management system in which water, air and sound quality are maintained.
Complete story is here.

An initiative on the Internet means it has to be the Indians settled in the US or another foriegn country. The initiatives themselves are good but I have no idea how many people living in India are going to be influenced with them. One such initiative is Voice of Ambition; in their own words:

We at Voice Of Ambition are experimenting with the idea of creating India’s First People’s Radio using the technology of podcasting. You can hear the programs on the site without any hassle for free. As we want people to voice their opinions and desires we have on the site a presentation which will tell you how you can send your audio to us using so that we can podcast it to the world. We also have tutorials and links to help you record audio. So having said this we encourage you to record your audio and voice your opinions to the world.

They have articles, podcasts, forums, pictures from India etc. And a very energitic team which has resolved to make VOA a success. Do register yourself with the website and participate in the forums if India related issues really interest you.

With all the political debates related to South Asia(predominantly India right now), things are getting really heated up at Desicritics. Its a bloggers network(part of and you too can become a member and post articles there if you are blogger. Though it contains quality reviews of the latest books, movies, music albums etc, articles belonging to a lot of other categories too(technology, business, opinions, short stories etc), but the articles related to south asian politics is what attracts the most of the traffic. Head straight to their main page.
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