Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Opera Mini doesn't like Internet sharing

Opera Mini, which was recently released in only a few countries, has another shortcoming: you can not use it on a mobile device that is sharing an internet connection with a PC. all Opera browsers work only with GPRS access points and not with the access points that are created using a shared bluetooth connection with the PC's.

though the world-wide release of the software is due before the end of this year, those who just can't wait getting their hands to it are getting the unofficial opera Mini jar files that are uploaded to the internet from the Nordic countries, so just do a google search for such files, and test them out, if you too can't wait for the official release. they may or may not work with your device.

or become a member of the Opera community(registration is free) and then you can download the software from anywhere in the world by logging in and going to http://mini.opera.com/my. remember, you need to do this from a mobile device which has internet access other than through a WAP gateway.