Monday, November 14, 2005

Mini Anthikad-Chibber's take on "Me, Meera"

Mini Anthikad-Chibber writes about the short film(59 mins) Me, Meera in the daily paper 'The Hindu.' I had earlier written that it is one of my favourite short films so far. Mini sees it as "random thoughts of a hyderabadi jotted down that has taken a celluloid shape." very true indeed. it never aspires to be extra-vagant, yet it leaves a strong impression on you by the time the film comes to an end. Mini writes about the journey taken by Meera, the main protagonist in the film, thus: "As she walks, landmarks appear and there is Meera's take on stuff that is intrinsically hyderabadi - from the Irani cafes to Best Book Center, pubs and Charminar to the hoardings, fairness cream ads to Babukhan Estates and the countless malls." She can remember quite a few things from the movie! She adds, "There is an amusing encounter with a poet at an Irani cafe and another with a Romeo at the MMTS station." The "amusing" encounter with the poet was the only thing that seemed a bit overstretched in time in my opinion but it ends thus:

Meera: paanch hi minute mein pyaar hogaya mujhse?
Poet: paanch minute mein nahin hua to woh pyar kaisa?

and at the MMTS:
Meera to the Romeo: If you want to ask a lady out, then ask. Don't stare.

regarding the pretty long 59 mins of time for a short movie, subhakar(director of the film) says "I just made the film without an eye on festivals. I look the film as a first scratch, like my portfolio." i like the honesty about his film making. The movie was said to be shot in over 100 locations, 10 youngsters helping him out and with a budget of Rs.85,000(~USD 2000). Any die-hard hyderabadi fan ought to see this movie - given any chance comes their way to watch it.

Update: Mr. Subhakar corrects me that "Mini" is 'she' and not 'he'. thanks to him :)